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Floral Depravity - Beverly Allen

Owning any small business is hard, but owning a flower shop in a small town and being deputized to find a murderer in a recreated medieval camp while delivering flowers to a wedding, is just too much.

Beverly Allen grabs your attention quickly with this book, and keeps you reading until she wraps it up with even more surprises.

Great rainy day reading material. 

Not Really A Review..

Falling in Fiji (The Falling in Paradise Series) (Volume 1) - Casey Hagen, Lisa Ricard Claro

I won this book from another site. I had entered because it was touted as a "romance".

Not so, romance is misty, understated and yes, romantic.

This book is erotic, sex taking the place of plot.

Guess my age (72) might color what I believe is romance, but this just wasn't.

Killing Moon

Killing Moon - Rebecca York

Rebecca York reached out and grabbed my attention..

Love this book!

And I live in the South..

— feeling shocked
Heart of Evil - Heather Graham

As a matter of fact there was a re-enactment near here less than a month ago!

This is one scary book and I love it.

Set in Louisiana, but could be anywhere that people remember the past.


Anne of Green Gables - L.M. Montgomery

Read this when I was young. A true classic!

The First

All That Remains - Patricia Cornwell

I had not read Patricia Cornwell before this book, and it hooked me! I cannot get enough of Kay Scarpeta now, or her niece, or for that matter, the entire "crew".

Just Gets Better

C is for Corpse - Sue Grafton

This series doesn't have a down side, unless you count how Ms. Grafton makes you, the reader, feel all the frustrations and worries that Kinsey, the heroine feels.

B is for Burgler

B is for Burglar - Sue Grafton

The second installment in my love for the series.

Made me wonder if Kinsey was some distant relative, as she is as impulsive as I.


Spellcasting In Silk - Juliet Blackwell

The concept of any police department actually asking a witch for help is mind-boggling.

But having said that, let me say that this book reminds the reader that everyone is special, and some are more special than others.

Using all the "powers" at her fingertips, the particular witch is very good at solving crimes.

This is Awesomely written...but

From Pocahontas to Power Suits: Everything You Need to Know about Women's History in America - Kay Mills

The subject matter is so terribly sad.

Women have come "a long ways" as they say, but oh how terribly much farther we need to go.

Good reading.

Awesome, as Usual

Where Are the Children? - Mary Higgins Clark

This author always amazes me! She tells what could be sad and dreary tales with a flair for the dramatic and ropes her readers in quickly! Good Book!